Information and System Engineering

DTC supplies engineering, scientific, information technology, and project management services to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) weather, air traffic control, and flight service systems and programs. Our primary mission is to provide system design, phase testing and evaluation services in the development, operational evaluation, and deployment of these systems. As a result of the breadth of corporate expertise, and extensive history and experience in the development of these aviation systems, DTC supplies a wide spectrum of engineering, scientific, and technical services, in addition to direct test and evaluation support.

DTC supports every facet of the full life-cycle of these information and automation systems, from concept development and acquisition support to systems engineering and software development. Related technical activities include project planning, architecture and communications support, systems and software engineering, IV&V, meteorological analyses, and test bed development and maintenance. Comprehensive and innovative solutions are derived and offered to the customer based on requirements analyses, on-demand assessments, feasibility studies, systems analyses, conceptual design preparation, design alternatives generation, sensitivity studies, and cost/benefit analyses. Comprehensive software engineering and development activities are carried out using a variety of classical software development methodologies, computer-aided software engineering tools, and modern database and programming technologies.

DTC has an outstanding reputation for technical excellence, performance, and reliability in supporting the FAA Weather Branch. Our staff not only supplies direct project management support to the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ, but also provides program management, planning, and technical support to the systems development offices at FAA Headquarters in Washington, DC. DTC has earned a reputation for technical excellence, performance, and reliability in supporting the FAA systems. In recognition of this, we received the 1997 U.S. Department of Transportation’s Minority Enterprise Development Award based on outstanding contributions to FAA programs.

FAA-Related Services and Experience

  1. Broad range of IT services for weather, air traffic control, and flight service systems
  2. Developmental and Operational Test and Evaluation, IV&V, Human Factors, and quality assurance support
  3. Systems engineering and integration including architecture development, requirement analyses, feasibility studies, conceptual design preparation, design alternatives generation, and cost/benefit analyses
  4. Program management and system acquisition services including project planning, technical direction, and implementation planning using automated project network, scheduling, and cost control tools
  5. Scientific and meteorological analyses, simulation, and mathematical modeling
  6. Software engineering and database development using state-of-the-art CASE and CM tools for generation of full MIL-STD-498 documentation and software
  7. Software development and programming on real-time systems, air traffic control systems, scientific applications implementing and object-oriented languages
  8. Systems operations and maintenance services with test bed development and maintenance


  • NextGen Weather Processor (NWP)
  • Common Support Services – Weather (CSS-Wx)
  • Advanced Weather Radar Techniques (AWRT)
  • Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor (MRMS)
  • NextGen Network-Enabled Weather (NNEW)
  • Weather Information Management (WIM)
  • Reduce Weather Impact (RWI) Rightsizing
  • Aviation Weather Demonstration and Evaluation (AWDE)
  • Weather and Radar Processor (WARP)
  • National Airspace System (NAS) Information Display System (NIDS)
  • NextGen Weather Evaluation Capability (NWEC)
  • ASOS Controller Equipment – Information Display System (ACE-IDS)
  • Route Availability Planning Tool (RAPT)
  • Juneau Airport Wind System (JAWS)
  • Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR)
  • Aviation Weather Research Program (AWRP)
  • NAS Systems Architecture Support
  • Performance Monitoring & Analysis System (PMAS)
  • Flight Service Automation System (FSAS)
  • Aviation Weather Research Program (AWR)
  • Automated Weather Sensors System (AWSS)
  • Meteorologist Weather Processor (MWP)
  • Real-Time Weather Processor (RWP)
  • Central Weather Processor (CWP)
  • Low Level Windshear Alert System (LLWAS)
  • Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS)
  • Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS)
  • AWOS Data Acquisition System (ADAS)
  • Runway Visual Range System (RVR)
  • Radar Procurement Support Remote Maintenance Monitoring System (RMMS)
  • GNAS Maintenance Control Center (GMCC)
  • Ground Based Data Link Processor (GDLP)
  • Airborne Data Link Processor (ADLP)
  • Converging Runway Display Aid (CRDA)
  • ARTCC Maintenance Control Center (AMCC)
  • Explosives Detection