Turnkey Software Solutions

Frequently our customer’s needs demand a holistic solution that includes designing/engineering, integration with existing systems, and maintenance/support. DTC has the staff, expertise, and past performance to provide these services whether engineering a new platform or customizing a solution from our available COTS software packages. Most recently, we have designed, built, integrated, operated, and updated a 24/7 system supporting Critical Infrastructure across the United States. Some of our solutions have included:

  • Engineering Services
    • Developed and implemented system engineering plans for definition, development, verification, integration, and testing requirements
    • Created system architectures and designs
    • Used configuration management tools to protect software assets and provide traceability of all changes
    • Implemented testing to verify program function, releases, and quality
  • Computer / Information Systems Development
    • Developed UNIX and Linux-based systems, PC-based software, Internet/web-based software, and databases
    • Developed network interfaces and protocols
    • Developed and integrated custom mapping layers and overlays of enhanced graphical products
  • Computer Systems Support
    • Instituted quality monitoring: recognized, reported / corrected deficiencies, monitored availability and performance
    • Developed and executed full-scale system test plans and procedures
    • Provided 24x7x365 user Help Desk to provide assistance on connection problems, answer questions regarding functions and features, record reported problems, and resolved login issues
  • Documentation & Training
    • Captured transactional data to support downstream requirements
    • Provided tutorials and embedded help / training instructions
    • Developed introductory training documents with the introduction of new features